Berkeley Action 2 pm BART

Use your Extra Day to Declare Climate Emergency and keep carbon in the ground
Leap Day Action
extravagant spectacle, roving street party and blockade
For life, beauty and joy & against eco-destroying robber barons!
Saturday Feb. 29 GATHER Berkeley BART station plaza 2 pm The earth is not dying – it is being killed.
The corporations killing it have locations near you
(including in downtown Berkeley)
Roam downtown visiting, decorating and disrupting banks and corporationsBuild zero waste compostable altars for the 1 billion dead animals at each targetDress as an Australian or Amazonian animalMarching band / mobile bike sound systemBring disguises, decorations, musical instruments, pogo sticks, your heart and dreams
To help create this event and for updates: / / FB: Leapday Action 2020 Berkeley

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